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Mining dump truck rims


 Currently, open joint Stock Company "Forging Plant of Heavy Stamping" is the main manufacturer of wheel rims for quarry dump trucks with a capacity of 45-220 tons and a supplier to the main conveyor of JSC "BelAZ".
Since 2018, JSC "KZTSH" mastered the technology of manufacturing wheel rims with a key base, obtained by complete machining on CNC machines from a strip thickness of 50mm, as well as the base side and removable landing ring, made of high-precision profile manufactured by Mannstaedt GmbH Germany (Mannstaedt GmbH is a supplier of the above profile for the manufacture of wheel rims by RIMEX), using steel grade D36, which has increased strength, improved weldability (which allows the necessary post-warranty repairs using conventional welding materials at the site of operation) and with a guarantee of resistance to layered breaks.
The use of a high-precision profile in the manufacture of a Bead seat band significantly increases the tightness of the wheel rim during Assembly and increases the life of rim components.
Welding of the base of the wheel rim is performed by electric arc welding under a layer of flux, using the latest ceramic fluxes, which significantly improves the quality of welds and provides one hundred percent weld metal.
Currently, JSC "KZTSH" sets a warranty period of operation of wheel rims 19.50-49/4.0, 24.00-51/5.0 - 200 000 km of mileage or 3 years of operation. For rim 29.00-57/6.0 – 160 000 km.
Product BelAZ labeling Weight (Kg)
Rim 29.00-57/6.0-3101012СБ 1420,0
Rim base 29.00-57/6.0-3101015СБ 740,0
Side ring 57/6.0-3101027 244,0
Lock ring 57/6.0-3101031 36,0
Bead seat band 57/6.0-3101035 158,0
Rim 24.00-51/5.0-3101012СБ 75131-3101012-01СБ 971,0
Rim base 24.00-51/5.0-3101015СБ 75131-3101015-01СБ 542,5
Side ring 51/5.0-3101027 7513-3101027 148,0
Lock ring 51/5.0-3101031 7519-3101031-10 33,0
Bead seat band 51/5.0-3101035 7519-3101035 131,0
Rim 26.00-51/5.0-3101012СБ 7517-3101012СБ 998,0
Rim 19.50-49/4.0-3101012СБ 75570-3101012-12СБ 657,0
Rim base 19.50-49/4.0-3101015СБ 75570-3101015-12 404,0
Side ring 49/4.0-3101027 75570-3101027 78,0
Lock ring 49/4.0-3101031 75570-3101031-10 32,0
Bead seat band 49/4.0-3101035 549-3101035 104,0
Rim 45-3101012СБ 75473-3101012СБ 278,0
Rim base 45-3101015СБ 75473-3101015СБ 156,0
Side ring 45-3101027 75473-3101027-02 41,0
Lock ring 45-3101031 75473-3101031-10 8,6
Bead seat band 45-3101035 75473-3101035 44,8
Rim 55-3101012СБ 7555-3101012СБ 308,0
Rim base 55-3101015СБ 7555-3101015СБ 170,0
Side ring 55-3101027 7555-3101027-02 58,5
Lock ring 55-3101031 7555-3101031-01 8,6
Bead seat band 55-3101035 7555-3101035 50,0
Construction machinery wheels for BelAZ, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi mining dump trucks
Trucks  Rim model
Caterpillar 785, BelAZ - 75131, BelAZ-75137 51x24.00/5.0
BelAZ - 7513, BelAZ-75131 51x24.00/5.0
Komatsu HD785, Caterpillar 777, BelAZ-75570, 75571 49x19.50/4.0
Caterpillar 773, БелАЗ - 7555B, 7555Е 35x17.00/3.0
BelAZ - 7555B, 7555Е 35x17.00/3.0
Caterpillar 980, 740 25x25.00/3.5
Caterpillar 966 25x22.00/3.0
Caterpillar 16H, Komatsu GD825 25x19.50/2.5